Paying attention to the truth, in fiction

When I was five years old I stood alone one day at a round mahogany table in our living room. I placed a sheet of paper on the table and with a pencil I printed firmly in block letters: A LITTLE GIRL. I heard my mother coming and took up the paper to leave, because I knew that I needed to be alone to write a true story. A LITTLE GIRL remained imprinted in the table’s leatherette top. Seventy years later the table sits in my nephew’s home, and my first story’s title remains there: the promise of telling what matters most.

Coming soon: SIT BESIDE ME AND OTHER STORIES, a book of short fiction by Judith Day

“Sometimes I get so mad I could kill somebody but I never did that before last night and then I didn’t mean to but it happened.”

“There is a picture I hold in my mind: a black devil man with six arms and a big grin and little white skulls circling his head, coupling with a six-armed lady sitting on his lap.”

“The past changes with every moment because of how we remember it.”

“Miss Florida could have another orgasm or she could get up and take the rollers out of her hair and start the day.”

Publications and Awards:

“The Embrace” was published in Bottomfish (predecessor of Red Wheelbarrow), Volume 19, Spring 1998, DeAnza College.

“Life Sentence” was published in Behind the Yellow Wallpaper, New Tales of Madness, edited by Rose Yndigoyen and published by New Lit Salon Press, 2014.

“The Sundown Side of the Rock” was published in Canyon Voices, Issue 10, Fall 2014, Arizona State University.

“Royal Flush” was published in the spring 2015 issue of Persimmon Tree, www.persimmontree.org.

“Stupid Buddha” was published in the April/May 2015 issue of The Otter, online journal no longer exists.

“If You Lived Here” was published in Buffalo Almanack, Issue 13, September 2016, and was the winner of that issue’s Inkslinger Award.

“Cabbie” was a finalist in the 2017 Orison Anthology Award in Fiction.


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