What is Psychotherapy Like?

In private, confidential meetings we will have conversations about many aspects of your life. We will also work with heightened awareness by using meditation and somatic (body awareness) techniques to explore and follow the subtle wisdom of your inner experience. Rooted in the present moment, this work is deeply honest and accepting. The learning that occurs is mostly nonconceptual and expresses itself naturally in your daily life. I may encourage you to use various awareness disciplines on your own, to support and enhance the therapy.

The process may involve integrating your personal history and your present reality, strengthening your ability to make healthy choices, and learning to use the many aspects of yourself. My primary work is to help you be in touch with yourself as fully as possible, with interest and compassion. Doing this, you find within yourself the answers to problems and the directions you need to take. At times I may point out possibilities you haven't considered, that I think might help.

Sessions may be held with one individual, or may include more people -- a couple, members of a family, friends, or a small group. The meetings are usually about an hour long; their frequency depends upon your needs and situation. Therapy may be regular or intermittent, brief or long-term.