Somatic Education

We are embodied, living beings. But because we think so much (live in our thoughts and forget our bodies) and live such busy lives, we are in serious danger of failing to notice that we are embodied, living beings. This is alienation from nature (us). It is neglect of the precious gift of life. It is wasting who we are.

Somatic education is exploring who we are as embodied human beings, experiencing ourselves somatically and relating to whatever experience we have with an open mind and a light heart. We may investigate breath, posture, pain, pleasure, particular sensations, particular areas of the body.

This work may take us deeply into all aspects of ourselves. It helps us remember who we are and reclaim the simplicity of living our complexity. It helps us to relax, to be natural and enjoy it. In this work we discover things about ourselves and how we live in our world, and we learn deep trust and self-acceptance. We also experiment with changing.

Historically, somatic education is central to some European and American psychological traditions, as well as to performing arts and dance and various spiritual traditions. I offer somatic education as part of psychotherapy, when it is appropriate.