Why Consult a Psychotherapist?

Therapy for Life's Difficulties
Therapy helps you cope with intense feelings and moods such as depression, anxiety, confusion, and sadness; change destructive behavior patterns; cope with loss, grief, illness or pain; recover from childhood abuse, trauma, or addiction. Problems can be gateways to growth and wisdom. Therapy promotes deep healing and self esteem: knowing yourself, trusting yourself, and caring for yourself.


Guidance for Transitions, Decisions
and Personal Growth
Changes, whether wanted or unwanted, challenge us to renew our sense of who we are. Our needs for creativity, commitment and inner peace require decisions rooted in self understanding. Therapy is a chance to explore yourself in depth and take steps in the direction that is best for you, at any stage of your lifelong process of making decisions and seeking fulfillment.


Relationship Counseling
When even one person in a relationship engages in therapy, the quality of the relationship can improve. When two or more people come to therapy together, we use honest communication to develop intimacy and respect. Differences can be accepted, problems can be solved, understanding and trust can grow.